Red Bull, Alfa Romeo, Haas: 3 Upgrades at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

Le Circuit de Monaco – an F1 track where the potential for error is ever-present in the twists, turns – and not to mention – walls that seem to get closer with each lap. Many drivers have made split second errors here that would define their performance and the outcome of the race. Yet, Monaco remains a favorite for drivers and an opportunity for engineers to have their moment in the spotlight. As teams settle in for what is arguably the most exciting and anticipated race of season, we get our first glimpse at the fresh updates on some of the F1 cars.

By Will Pittenger – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Red Bull ‘Newish’ Nose Scoop: The Red Bull F1 car might look a bit different this weekend. That’s because Red Bull has replaced the nose scoop – which first graced the car in 2017 – in favor of a thumb-tip design that is reminiscing of what they had in 2016. What does this all mean on- track? Less lift, more front-end control, increased down-force and grip, which all add up to increased speed in the turns.

Alfa Romeo and Haas New Ferrari Spec 2 Engine: They missed out in Barcelona, but both Ferrari customers will get the upgraded power unit that Vettel and Leclerc ran at the Spanish Grand Prix. While the winding track of Monaco might not call for more power, it will allow Haas and Alfa Romeo to come to terms with the mapping in time for the 2019 Canada Grand Prix. 

Bottas gets a New Clutch: Mercedes said it was a grip problem, Bottas claimed it was the clutch. Whatever the reason that cost Valtteri Bottas his lead in Barcelona, Mercedes has decided to take precaution and replace the clutch for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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